David 'dex' Schwartz

A professional with a no-nonsense attitude to software development and the ability to express the concepts involved in a highly accessible way to almost anyone.

Project priorities include adherence to standards, high quality code, "test first" principles, independence from third party developers (like Microsoft), and the use of standard or open source libraries where appropriate.


Professional Programming and Database design services

Preferred development language(s) are C/C++ and Python, but that doesn't preclude the use of other languages and technologies where appropriate.

Mostly targeting the Windows platform, but also worked with various flavours of Unix over the years and prefer to use Linux at home.

The back end database technology is fairly irrelevant so long as it supports SQL.

Specific experience with cTree RDBMS, MS Access, MySQL, SQLite


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


A software developer of over 20 years experience in a variety of environments and a range of roles.


That's 9:00 to 17:00 and I only work late either because the project is interesting or for folks who appreciate it, or preferably both.


Get real. I have a life and little enough time to live it.